DINNER WITH FRIEND – art project


I created this project out of a belief that by coming together, discussing and co-operating, women of different cultures can bring social change and create a better future. Women around the world experience similar difficulties and challenges. Whether they are mothers, sisters or unmarried, they have a mutual language. They can help each other find solutions and relief from pain and suffering. Women tend to solve issues in a unique way, by listening and seeking non-violent paths of communication.

In 2016 I was a finalist in an art competition in New York. The curator hung my painting next to a painting by a woman artist from Iran. I approached the artist and said – "Our countries are in conflict. Let’s work together!”. To my delight she agreed immediately. Thus was the beginning of a unique art project that led me to co-operate with artists from Iran, Pakistan, Oman, Romania and India.

This project is traveling the world and has already been seen by thousands of art lovers in 3 continents and 9 countries.

The project's centerpiece is a Dinner Table with plates and cutlery. On each of the plates I painted a portrait of a woman from the Middle East and other cultures. The table symbolizes nourishment, connection and friendship. But it is also a place of communication and negotiation. This art project is a call for Women Empowerment in different societies and for solving conflicts using peaceful dinner conversations. The paintings of portraits on ceramic plates are a reminder of the woman’s traditional role (in the kitchen). I aim to begin this voyage from the traditional role and proceed to empowerment and leadership.

New York
India Chandigarh
India Delhi
Slovakia Bratislava 
Israel Haifa
Romania Piatra Neamt