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As a professional artist and a social activist, I am invited to exhibit and lecture about my activist art in universities and museums from the USA to India. For several years I have been exhibiting a unique art project in co-operation with artists from around the world. We created a dining table and painted portraits of women on all the tableware.

We are creating an art project as a bridge for peace and women empowerment, calling women to join forces and solve conflicts together in a feminine approach.

The first dining table was created with Hadieh Afshani, a woman artist from Iran. It was shown in NYC and in OCAD University, Toronto (2015-2016).

The second dining table was set in two prominent venues in India: Museum of Fine Arts in Chandigarh, and National Academy in New Delhi. This table was created with Indian artist, Madan Lal (2017).

The third table was created with Iranian artist, Azade Pirazimian, and it was exhibited in the Ethnic Museum Leiden, Holland, and in Cortauld Institute, London (2018) and in Bratislava -Slovakia (2018).

My social activist artworks have been exhibited in important venues in Israel: The Supreme Court in Jerusalem, The Police Headquarters in Jerusalem, The feminist conference in The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, The Museums of The Ministry of Defense and in private galleries around Israel.

My works are a part of private and public collections, in London, New Zealand, Macedonia, Montenegro and Israel. 

I have a Masters degree (M.A.) in archaeology and museum studies from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a Diploma in Museology from Tel-Aviv University.

I lecture in conferences and museums around the world:  The Hebrew University (Jerusalem, Israel), OCAD University (Toronto, Canada), University of Leiden (Holland), Kings College (London, England) Punjab University (Chandigarh, India), College of Fine Art (Chandigarh, India), Institute of Fashion and Technology (Chandigarh, India). My lectures focus on the history of art, archaeology, museology and gender studies (the status of women through history).

שירלי סיגל, שירלי סיגל, שירלי סיגל

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