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Wrinkles in Stone – art project

After stumbling on an internet site showing the stoning to death of Iranian women, I felt impelled to paint and give them an identity on the murder weapon. At execution the women's faces are covered by a veil, they are presented as an object without a face or personality, dehumanized, buried up to the neck in sand.


My women may look you straight in the eye, lower their gaze, smile, pray, cry out, be silent. We see their facial features, wrinkled faces, wrinkled materials, every detail meticulously rendered in opposition to the careless brutality of their death.


In opposition to the laws of oppression of women in a society that can bring women to their knees; in opposition to a lack of freedom in dress, education, work, art, communication; in opposition to the institution and justice system, I paint detail, where they see none.


This collection of portraits on stone was first exhibited in a Feminist Art Conference in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2014.

The supreme Court curator chose it as part of a unique human rights project, exhibited in the court that year and inaugurated by the president, Judge Asher Grunis.

The stones then travelled to the Israel police head-quarters in Jerusalem and the police academy.

Daughters of Lot
Dina Daughter of Leah
Ester and Vashti
Hagar and Ishmael
Just Me and Mom
Leah's Marriage
So That The Woman Was Left
Zelofchad Daughters
Zelofchad Daughters I
Zelofchad Daughters II
Zelofchad Daughters III
Self as Wife of Lot
Woman Smiling
Woman in White Scarf I
Woman in White Scarf II
Woman in White
Woman in Red Scarf
Woman in Purple I
Woman in Purple II
Woman in Orange I
Woman in Orange II
Woman in Green
Woman in Blue
Woman in Black
The Viel
Man in White Turban
Man in Blue
The Cigar
Man with Black Hair
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