For the past three  years I have been exhibiting a unique art project in co-operation with different artists around the world. We created a dining table and painted portraits of on all the tableware. This is a bridge for peace and women empowerment, calling women to join forces and solve conflicts together in a feminine approach.

The "Dinner with Friends" art project was created with two Iranian women artists, and calls women to solve the conflict in the Middle East.

The exhibition I created with the Indian artist, Madan Lal, is a women empowerment project. We call the women of India and the women of Israel to work together and solve problems that are similar in both cultures (such as low wages, gender discrimination, domestic violence, sexual harassment etc.).


This project is traveling the world and has already been seen by thousands of art lovers in NYC, Toronto, New Delhi, Chandigarh (India), Leiden (Holland), London,Bratislava (Slovakia) and Israel. 

New York
India Chandigarh
India Delhi
Bratislava Slovakia