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Shirley's Fine Art School

Lectures and Art Tours

I am an experienced lecturer of art history and painting techniques. My lectures are given all over the world, in academic conferences, art residencies and in private gatherings. I also take groups of students on special art tours to exciting locations, combining stories of art and archaeology.

The art tours offer the opportunity to spend time with like-minded enthusiasts looking at works of art and architecture in their original settings. In their choices of themes and locations, the tours derive directly from my current research interests, and they take in relevant exhibitions in situ or incorporate sites and monuments off the beaten track and sometimes those not usually accessible to the public. In 2019, I offer explorations of:

  • The riches of Rome, Italy: from the antiquities of the Roman Forum to the art of the 18th century.

  • The Israel museum archaeology and art treasures.

  • Art and archaeology hidden in the Israeli landscape


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