"Coffee with a friend" on the cover of the Artists Magazine 2020
Coffee with a friend
Coffee with a friend (detail)
Corona journal- Walk with me
Corona journal- The next generation
Corona journal- Tribute to the medical staffs
Corona journal- Neighbors
Corona journal- After yoga class
Corona journal- Empty park
Corona journal- Barber shop
Corona journal- At the grocery
Golan journal 2020- Old wagon
Golan journal 2020- Katzrin Museum
Golan journal 2020- Arik Bridge
Golan journal 2020- Old Mosque
Golan journal 2020- Ein Gev
Golan journal 2020- Osishkin Museum
Golan journal 2020- Ramot view
Golan journal 2020- Eden springs
Golan journal 2020- Ancient church
Golan journal 2020- Ramot
Golan journal 2020- Eucalyptus tree
Golan journal 2020- Church by the Kineret
Golan journal 2020- Katzrin ancient synagogue
Golan journal 2020- Um Kantir
Golan journal 2020- Dardara
Golan journal 2020- Ancient synagogue
Rome journal- Swiss guard
Rome journal- Piazza Navona
Rome journal- Spanish steps
Rome journal- Rooftops
Rome journal- Trajan's column
The Winds of Time
The Winds of Time
The Winds of Time (detail)
The Winds of Time (detail)
The Winds of Time (detail)
The Barber (India)
Street Scene (India)
Church of the holy sepulcher
Tower of David, Jerusalem
Woman Peeling Potatoes (India)
Thoughts Keep Her Awake at Night
Graying Venus
Graying Venus (detail)
The Bride
Pomegrenade Juice I
Pomegrenade Juice II
Pomegrenade Juice III
Zion gate at Sunset
Lions Gate at Sunset
Dung Gate and Date at Sunset
Damascus Gate at Sunset
Back Gamon Players
The Rosary
Old City Walls
Olive Tree
Queue for the Post Office
Dressed for High Holy Day
Foreign Worker
St. James Monestary
The Lion and The Cats
Armenian House
Three Post Boxes In Musrara
Bar Mitzva at the Western Wall
Bread Trolley at the Market
Blue Door on Prophet St.
Morning Newspaper in Zichron Moshe
Red door in Talbiyeh
Western Wall
Gossip (Detail)
Gossip (Detail)
Gossip (Detail)
Women Wax Museum
Omer (detail)
Waiting for the Bus
Mother and Child
Wine God and Baby
Two Men
Seated Woman
Muse I
Muse II
River God
Roman Women